While 21 Savage has become an icon in the industry, he isn’t the only “20-something Savage” to exist. Back in 2016, 22 Savage emerged with dreams of taking the Rap world by storm—while also mocking the established 21 version in the process. At the time, the controversy caused a 23 Savage to pop up as well with a diss of his own, and the whole Savage drama took over social media with the primary beef existing between 21 and 22.

Then, 22 Savage claimed he was better than 21, resulting in his foe clapping back that there “ain’t no 22.” Understandably, the copycat rubbed 21 Savage the wrong way, and later, 22 changed his moniker after releasing a diss track toward the man he was inspired by.

In his recent interview with My Expert Opinion, 21 spoke on that time in Hip Hop’s history, noting that these days, he doesn’t have any beef with 22 Savage. Being mocked wasn’t something he was crazy about, but he admitted he didn’t take much issue with it until 22 Savage became antagonizing.

“I used to like his sh*t, but it just went left. I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’” he said. “I ain’t say no gangsta sh*t. I think I said some sh*t like, ‘How you gon’ beef with me and you tryin’ to be me?’”

21 denied he put any pressure on 22 to cut out the nonsense, but the rapper did say that 22 contacted him privately to offer a sincere apology. Revisit 22 Savage and check out 21 Savage‘s retelling of the beef below.