Through his time in the industry, there have been plenty of people who have had issues with No Jumper‘s Adam22. He’s commented on controversial moments in Hip Hop and pop culture on not only his podcast but others, as well, and it has often caused backlash from those being mentioned. Adam’s confrontation with Dame Dash has been well-documented with the two men even coming together for a face-to-face discussion. This time, however, it isn’t Dame who has taken issue with Adam, but one of the “Island Boys” rappers who is apparently upset by something Adam said on a podcast.

It looks like FlyySoulja slid into Adam’s DMs and the two engaged in a heated exchange. “Don’t talk about me if you don’t got nothing nice to say,” the Florida rapper told Adam. “And you said I’m clueless.”

“Have you seen how I’m built I actually work out go to the gym you know?” Flyy continued. Adam seemed confused. “Huh,” he said. “1) I will whoop the dog sh*t out of you and make you look like a child and 2) what I say.”

Then, FlyySoulja sent a voice message to which Adam replied, “You gotta be kidding me. You ain’t made enough cameo money to fight me [crying laughing emojis] you gotta fight house phone [crying laughing emojis].” After FlySoulja continued to send voice messages, Adam let him know he wouldn’t be listening to any of them.

“Not sure what I said that made you upset but stop acting tough you are a b*tch FACT… Not listening to those. learn to type you inbred f*ck.” FlyySoulja wasn’t deterred. Check it out below.