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It’s 2020, so anything that can happen will happen. 

In an already crazy election season, ballot drop boxes have become the latest targets. Boxes in Baldwin Park, California, and Boston, Massachusetts, have been set on fire in the last week.

Over the weekend, officers were called to the scene when smoke was spotted coming out of a ballot box, according to CBS News. A Boston man set fire to the box that contained more than 120 ballots. 

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire by filling the box with water. Of the 122 ballots it contained, 87 of them were able to be processed, 35 are questionable, and ten were too damaged to be counted, Secretary of the Commonwealth William Garvin said.

Worldy Armand, 39, believed to be an “emotionally disturbed” individual, was arrested hours after allegedly setting the box on fire. He has been charged with willful and malicious burning.

Massachusetts’ election chief has asked for security to be ramped up by placing guards at ballot boxes, add video surveillance, and empty boxes more frequently. He’s also advising communities to lock their drop boxes early on Saturday, which is Halloween.

Galvin said he’s “concerned that for that period of time, especially after dark, that they could be the object of pranksters or other individuals.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, a ballot box in Baldwin Park was set on fire last week.

Like the Boston incident, firefighters used water to extinguish the flames, causing the box’s contents to become a soggy mess. More than 200 ballots were affected in the fire.

Election officials will have to sort through what was left in the box. They will reach out to anyone whose ballot may have been affected. County Clerk Dean C. Logan said about 20 people have already reached out for a replacement ballot.

“(This) has all the signs of an attempt to disenfranchise voters and call into question the security of our elections,” LA. County Supervisor Hilda Solis said, according to CBS News.

Both fires remain under investigation by local authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Baldwin Hills Police Department



Mike Brown’s Father, Ferguson Organizers Requests $20M from BLM





Scott Olson/Getty Images

Michael Brown Sr., the father of slain 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr., is requesting a portion of the $90 million Black Lives Matter received in donations in 2020.

Michael Jr. was killed by a white police officer in the St, Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014.

His death sparked months of sometimes violent protests in Ferguson and helped launch BLM as a Democratic Party political fundraising machine.

Mike Brown Sr. is pictured above (center) addressing the crowd during a memorial service marking the 1st anniversary of his son’s death on Aug. 9, 2015 in Ferguson.

The International Black Freedom Alliance tweeted that Mike Brown Sr. “has received only $500” from BLM.

According to a report by, the Black Lives Matter organization received $90 million in funding in the aftermath of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors claimed she is “reinvesting the money,” to build “out the institution we’ve been trying to build for the last seven and a half years.”

As more questions are raised about the disbursal of the funds, BLM announced a “Survival Fund” for Black people to apply for 3,000 micro grants of $1,000 each, no strings attached.

At least 300 people had been approved for grants as of last week, according to VladTV.

Brown Sr. has requested $20 million from BLM organizers as a good faith gesture, since they used his son’s death as a catalyst for change.

Brown Sr. has stated that he hopes to use the $20 million for the Chosen For Change Foundation, the Mike Brown Community Center, organizing grants for Ferguson protests and activists, various programs and services in the Black community, and the annual Aug. 9 commemorations of Brown’s death.

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Rapper OMB Peezy Arrested In Connection With Roddy Ricch & 42 Dugg Video Set Shooting





Alabama rapper OMB Peezy was arrested Monday in connection to the shooting that occurred during a video shoot with rappers Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg in Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, OMB Peezy, real name LeParis Dade, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crimeDade, 24, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls and booked into Fulton County Jail.

According to Fulton County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan, he is still behind bars on a $60,000 bond. He must surrender his passport and agree to wear an ankle monitor before he is eligible to post bond.

The shooting took place on February 21 at 598 Well Street, where the rappers were filming a music video. Three people were injured during the gunfire but were in stable condition. Neither Roddy Ricch nor 42 Dugg was injured during the incident. One man was arrested at the scene on drug charges but is not considered a suspect in the shooting.

OMB Peezy’s new album, Too Deep for Tears, is scheduled to be released on Friday.

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Bronx woman arrested after she abandoned 4-year-old daughter on street corner






A Bronx mother has been charged with abandoning her 4-year-old daughter alone on a street corner at night.

The girl knew only her name, Sidaya, when NYPD police picked her up at the corner of East 156th Street and Prospect Avenue just after midnight on Saturday.

Police released photos of the youngster along with a plea for help from the public to identify the child.

Photo may have been deleted

NYPD/Crime Stoppers

When no one came forward, police released surveillance video that shows Sidaya walking behind a woman about 4 blocks away from where Sidaya was found on the corner.

At one point the little girl caught up to the woman, but the woman looked back at the child, then walked away, leaving her alone on the street.

Sidaya was wearing a sweater but no jacket in 40-degree weather.

On Monday, police arrested Sadeekah Abdul Salaam, 32, and charged her with child abandonment and reckless endangerment according to the New York Daily News.

Abdul Salaam told police she went to a homeless shelter to sleep after abandoning her child, police said.

Sidaya was evaluated at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, and found to be in good health. She is currently in child protective custody.

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