Cosmetic surgery is all the norm these days as people speak about nose jobs, breast augmentations, and BBLs as if it’s just another, ordinary procedure. Regardless of where you may stand as it pertains to these types of surgeries, there is a good chance that you know someone who has gone under the knife in hopes of acquiring the look that they find most attractive. While liposuction has a reputation of being a nip tuck that women undergo, especially in the entertainment industry, we’re seeing more figures in Rap admit to having the procedure done, as well.

We previously reported on Funk Flex filming a video of his liposuction surgery and later, he said that he decided to go through with it after hearing that rappers—he specifically named Drake, Kanye West, and LL Cool J—all did it as well.

Today (June 3), rapper BandMan Kevo has gone viral after detailing his liposuction surgery, sharing that although he has been working out and keeping fit, he still couldn’t seem to get his stomach to show off his abs the way he wanted.

“I was working out hard and still couldn’t lose my stomach fo I went to @insta_p_h_a_m,” wrote Kevo. “I was 284 now I’m 220 , but you have to still work out hard and most rappers and gone tell you the sauce If your lady need her body done I might pay for yours and hers too.”

BandMan Kevo found himself on the receiving end of jokes, but there were those who praised him for being honest. “Yea these other rappers ain’t gone say nothing,” Kevo said.

Swipe below to see BandMan Kevo show before and after photos and check out his exchanges in the comments, as well.

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