Benny The Butcher had some wise words of advice for his followers on Instagram, Sunday night, telling any rappers who want to collaborate with him that being a hard worker is more important than talent. Benny shared the advice on his Instagram story in a short video speaking directly to his fans.

“I don’t wanna hear that you better than a n***a. Don’t tell me that,” the Griselda rapper says in his post. “Tell me you work harder than somebody. Tell me you more focused than a motherfucker. Tell me you got a better gameplan than a motherfucker. I don’t wanna hear that you better than nobody because talent don’t matter in this shit.”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Whatever Benny is looking for in a collaborator, Gary rapper Freddie Gibbs certainly didn’t have it, as he recently remarked that their collaborations “came and went.” The comments were made amidst an ongoing beef between the two rappers that culminated in Gibbs getting jumped by alleged associates of Benny’s while in Buffalo, earlier this month.

On Friday, Benny appeared on The Beat with Ari Melber, where he reflected on the recent mass shooting in his hometown, revealing that his own daughter is traumatized by the incident.

“People are afraid to go to the grocery stores,” he said. “My daughter hasn’t been going to school since that happened. So it’s like, that’s the last thing we need (the Uvalde shooting). We got to find a way to protect ourselves and situations like that.”

Check out Benny’s advice below.