We often hear the younger generation of Hip Hop listeners speak about artists, especially those who are veterans, no longer maintaining relevancy in today’s culture. It is true that many that we see as icons or legends don’t release music at the same pace as newcomers, but it isn’t due to the lack of talent. We saw this recently happen with Brandy when Jack Harlow didn’t recognize her voice in a song and many of his fans took to social media to say that “The Vocal Bible” isn’t relevant anymore so how would the rapper know.

Bow Wow knows all too well the criticisms of “relevancy” from people who attempt to discredit his influences. Even with Drake giving him his flowers and his fans praising his accomplishments, Bow Wow continues to fight an uphill battle against trolls.

Over the weekend, Bow Wow and The Millennium Tour won the Top Rap Tour Award at the Billboard Music Awards. He celebrated by sharing a post online and went on Instagram Live to bask in his glory. “It’s amazing. I can’t name you one artist…you know, and I’m going to continue to be humble, I’m going to continue to work my ass off,” said the rapper. “The word ‘relevant’ don’t bother me ’cause I don’t know how n*ggas even put that word with me.”

“Relevancy to me means…what are you doing right now? And I guess if you ask me that question, I’ll tell you I don’t know, I’m just winning motherf*cking Billboard awards. That’s what I’m doing in 2022 and we gonna continue to do that sh*t.”

Watch it below.