Bronny James Jr. has finished his Junior season at Sierra Canyon, and now, he is starting his summer off right by playing some Elite Youth Basketball League ball. This is great place to hone one’s skills and as he goes into his Senior year, there are a lot of expectations that Bronny will take a leap and prove himself to be a top-tier recruit for the college game.

As it stands, James is a four-star recruit who is ranked 34th in the country. In just a couple of years from now, he could very well be drafted into the NBA and with that being said, many are keeping a watchful eye on all of his games. He always seems to churn out highlights and over the weekend, that was certainly no exception.

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

In the tweet below from Overtime, Bronny can be seen turning a defender’s ankles into jello. He starts off by trying to take a three but as he’s about to be guarded, Bronny decides to step off to the side which ultimately leaves the defender in shambles. He then drives to the basket and gets the layup, all while the crowd went wild. It was a very nice play and one that will lead to even more hype for the eldest son of LeBron.

Bronny’s development as a player will be fun to watch over the next few years. Hopefully, we get to see him on the court with his father one day, as that would truly be perfect.