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BTB Savage reportedly shot and killed in Houston hours after seemingly mocking enemy’s death

BTB Savage was killed hours after posting pics standing in the blood of his dead opp which he killed 2 months ago, he posted the pics on IG & hours later was shot in his car. 

An up-and-coming rapper from San Antonio was reportedly shot and killed in Houston on Thursday, March 30, just days after sharing his account of killing a man who allegedly attempted to rob him at his Alamo City apartment on a prominent YouTube channel.

ABC 13 reports that a man was shot to death in his vehicle around 6 p.m. on Thursday in the River Oak area of Houston. Houston police said they believe the shooting was targeted and have not officially identified the victim, but numerous media reports are circulating that the victim is rapper BTB Savage.

MySA has reached out to Houston and San Antonio police for comment. Houston TV station KPRC reported Friday there were dozens of bullet cases at the scene of a drive by shooting where a rapper was killed by people black sweatshirts and sunglasses in a black Subaru.

The rapper appeared in a video this week on YouTube channel VladTV, which has 5.46 million subscribers, to describe an attempted robbery that took place at his downtown San Antonio apartment. Without specifying when the incident happened, BTB Savage described two men attempting to rob him and his girlfriend, who were living together with their son at the time. 

In the 30-minute interview posted on Sunday, March 26, which has amassed more than one million views, BTB Savage says he was approached by a man to do a musical collaboration, noting this man had requested multiple times to work together. The rapper said when the man arrived at his home studio he did not arrive alone and was accompanied by an older individual, but he let the pair into his apartment anyway. 

BTB Savage describes having a weird feeling about the two men, the man he knew and the man’s uncle, but continued with the plan to record music. Eventually, the rapper says the younger man was told to go out to the car to get some music equipment by the older man, which he did, prompting BTB Savage to lock the door out of nervousness. 

Locking the door set off a flurry of words, the rapper describes, that led to the older man, 34-year-old, pulling out his gun and demanding the rapper to hand over his jewelry, setting off a cascade of gunfire between the two visiting men and BTB Savage’s girlfriend.

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The rapper says he wrestled with the man, who allegedly had two guns, while telling his girlfriend to shoot the assailant. During the encounter, BTB Savage says she shot the would-be thief multiple times, but also shot the rapper in the elbow during the chaos. He noted it was the first time either of them had ever shot somebody. 

He recounted the other artist, the one BTB Savage believed had come there to record a collaboration with, exchanged shots through the apartment door with the girlfriend causing the younger man to flee the scene of the shooting. 

“They left him for dead,” BTB Savage says in the interview.

He describes a drawn-out tussle over weapons, including threats by the man to kill the rapper’s child who is sleeping in another room. Eventually, BTB Savage, his girlfriend, and child were able to leave the apartment to the hospital to tend to his arm, which he said had bones exposed due to the gunshot wound.

The rapper recounted that the assailant, who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, asked to also be taken to the hospital, but BTB Savage says he just left him in the apartment where he presumably died.

“F*** you, I ain’t taking you to no f***ing hospital,” BTB Savage says he told the assailant before leaving the apartment with his girlfriend and son. “Your ass about to fry right here, and if they come save you then they come save you.”

He goes on to describe shielding his son from witnessing the grizzly scene and his mangled elbow. A friend took them to the hospital.

The rapper says that police interviewed him about the attempted robbery and did not charge him or his girlfriend due to it being self-defense. 

In one of his final social media posts before his reported death, BTB Savage shared photos on Wednesday, March 29, of him posing with his watch and chain in front of a door with numerous bullet holes and what appears to be a large amount of dried blood.

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An interviewer on VladTV asked the rapper about the other artist, who brought the older man to the apartment and may have shot through the door. BTB Savage replies that he only “knew of him, I [don’t] know his name.” 

The interviewer also described a time they thought they had killed someone in a self-defense situation, remarking that it didn’t make them feel as bad as people make it out to be. It’s a sentiment BTB Savage shared.

“I ain’t gonna lie, it ain’t that bad. Like, I went to sleep good as Hell the next day. I was happy as hell, too,” BTB Savage says in the interview. “I mean, I ain’t tripping. The arms f***ed up or whatever, but I ain’t dead.”

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