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Buddy Was Trying To Figure Out If What He Just Saw Was Real!

I saw this once, white woman had a black boy on a leash and black woman had a white girl on leash, white woman was clearly lovin it and itwas clear they only did it to the white girl to say “this ain’t raciss”;

I’ve seen this 3 or 4 times n the mall n the last 2months pink people r weird;

respect her pronouns: which is mutt, lil bih an spoiled cuz her mom is lettin her figure her self out;

Couldn’t afford a real dog so had to train her daughter into one! You whites are getting weirder by the day;

Honkey culture, lil bih dad probably actually was a German Shepherd or sum sh!t, who’d even be shocked to hear?? SMH;

That’s nothing new I see this shit all the time at the mall white folks always have their kids on leashes cuz lil Tommy be trying to run off ;

Makes a change it’s normally the nigs doing this shit, it was only posted on here last week when the nig at his wedding was on a dog leash acting like a dog, other than that it’s always a fat blck btch taking her little blck human dog in the store. Weird weird people u lot at least this is a kid and not adult;

You’ve never seen any white people do it before, you ridiculous cl0wn: Viewers’ Comments.

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