One of the biggest franchises in all of gaming is Call Of Duty. There is always a new COD game very single year and fans are typically eager to see what kind of game is going to come out. The Call Of Duty franchise has gone through various eras of war, with the present day being amongst the most popular time periods.

Just a few years ago, we got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which was a reboot of the trilogy of the same name. Arguably, the most popular game to come out of that era was Modern Warfare 2, and now, COD is coming back with a game of the same name, however, it is not a remake or remaster. It is its own new creation.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Activision

Today, Call Of Duty came out with a new trailer for the new Modern Warfare 2 and as you can see down below, the trailer reveals the release date of the next game. Now, fans can expect this game to drop on October 28th which is just around the Holiday season. It is the perfect time for this game to come out, and we’re sure fans are already looking forward to it.

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