The industry certainly has evolved and it seems to only be intensifying as technology and social media advance. This has been seen as a blessing and a curse for artists as there have been debates about the quality and quantity of music as time moves forward. Some believe that artists having access to self-publish is amazing while others think that music culture is causing artists to have immediate expectations that can curb sonic appreciation.

Chlöe sat down for When We Vote‘s Culture of Democracy Summit and during the conversation she touched on the music industry being over-saturated with content, causing there to be a shorter shelf life for records and, in turn, less appreciation for the art form.

Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

“Artists, the time to grow into their artistry and to not expect every song to hit off, right off the gate, streaming numbers and TikTok,” she said. “Like, right now, it’s because everything, it is overly saturated and there’s so many songs per week. We rely on a popular trend to chart with music and, you know, it’s great, the internet’s great, but it’s also the downfall because we are not appreciating artistry.”

“Say, an album comes…no one’s really listening to it within the next week or two weeks, and there’s so much music and so much—so many visuals. We are so, like, stimulated, we don’t know what to focus on. So, I think it’s really just about finding ways to truly sit there and marinate in the moment in a song.” 

Chlöe added that she wished that she could have been a part of that movement years ago, “even before I was born.” Despite her complaints, the songbird said she was “grateful” that she and sister Halle Bailey “are signed to somebody like Beyoncé because we are given creative freedom and the space to grow.”

Check out the clip of her chat below and let us know if you agree with Chlöe Bailey.