Today, Sports Illustrated made some pretty big announcements as it pertains to their 2022 Swimsuit Issue. As we reported a bit earlier today, Kim Kardashian graced the cover in her Skims line. There are four cover models in total, including the likes of Maye Musk, Yumi Nu, and even Ciara.

Of course, of these four, Ciara is probably the second biggest star on the list in terms of name recognition. The superstar artist is known for being gorgeous in her photoshoots and it only makes sense that Sports Illustrated would want her to grace the cover of their magazine.

As you can see down below, Ciara tried on various different swimsuits for her spread and they all look pretty gorgeous. Not to mention, Ciara got to take all of these photos in Barbados where she was surrounded by equally beautiful beaches. Based on the behind-the-scenes footage, Ciara was clearly excited about this opportunity, and she ended up making the most of it. 

This is one of the biggest Swimsuit Issues in quite some time as it also features a variety of WNBA stars. Either way, we’re sure a ton of people will be looking to cop this edition.

Let us know what you think of Ciara’s looks, in the comments below.