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Curtbone on Impact of Crack in the 80s, Why He Regrets Selling Drugs, Violence Worse Today (Part 10)

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Part 9:
Part 1:
In this clip, Curtis “Curtbone” Chambers talks about his legacy as a former drug lord in Washington D.C. and the devastation that it left behind for generations to come. He reveals why he feels bad and why he is working so hard to give back. As the discussion moves along, he talks about how the violent nature of his native city has gotten much worse, since he ran the streets. Lastly, Curtbone shed some light on the ripple effects caused by those who chose to sell crack in his neighborhood and how easy it was for them to benefit from the phenomenon.

Later, Curtis “Curtbone” Chambers plugs his upstart project, “CurtboneTV” before explaining what motivated him to get into DJ Vlad’s line of what and how he intends to set himself apart from other curators in the media. To that, DJ Vlad shares his thoughts on why he started his YouTube channel and the ways in which he believes Chambers can also be successful with his. As the interview comes to an end, the two reflect back on the drug game and crime in Washington D.C. back in the 80s and depict why the wild things that took place back then would never happen nowadays because of computer technology and social media.

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