These two comedians have had a tumultuous 2022 and we’re only halfway through the year. According to reports, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock will be uniting for a live show that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Chappelle and Rock are two of the most famous funny voices in Hollywood with legendary careers that reach across creative lines in the industry. However, the fame and recognition don’t make them impervious to scandal—in fact, it may make them magnets for controversy.

The world watched in real-time just months ago as Will Smith left his seat at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock as he was presenting at the Oscars. The exchange, which was also verbal, has called Smith’s spotless career into question, however, neither Rock nor Smith have detailed how they have processed the infamous event.

Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle was on the tail-end of his transphobia Netflix comedy special scandal when he was hit, almost quite literally, with another moment. A viral clip showed Chappelle dodging a deranged detractor, Isaiah Lee, while the comedian was cracking jokes at the Hollywood Bowl. Chappelle, like Rock, hasn’t sat down for an interview to discuss the event.

However, fans in London are in for a treat as Variety reported that Chappelle and Rock have joined together for a huge night. Live Nation is said to have described the show as a “night of world-class comedy” that is set to go down on September 3 at the renowned 02 Arena. Tickets go on sale this week and the show is expected to sell out.

Rock will also be taking to stage with Kevin Hart this summer. Check out those dates below.