In 2019, speculations began to spread that former NBA player, Delonte West, was homeless. Images began to circulate of him wearing dirty clothes and looking disoriented, causing everyone to believe that the rumors were true. 

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After seeing what state he was in, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, offered to pay for him to get checked into a rehabilitation center. Years prior, he’d told The Dallas News, “We’ve tried to help him so many times, you have no idea.” Luckily, West finally took him up on his offer and joined a facility in Florida. 

While at the rehab, West participated in several activities to help him detox. In an image shared by Mark, the basketball player was seen horseback riding and looked healthy. He was making such good progress, that he even got offered a job at the rehabilitation center at which he was receiving help. 

In March of this year, West was gearing up in hopes to return to the sport of basketball. He’d been practicing to join Ice Cube‘s Big3 League. It was also stated that a documentary about his life was in the works, set to focus on the struggles he’s overcome throughout his life. However, it seems that he’s had a setback. 

Video footage captured the 38-year-old on a street in Alexandria, Virginia begging people for money. The person recording greeted him, saying, “Delonte, what’s going on my brother,” before shaking his hand. Looking unkept, West responded, “What’s going on? You got a few dollars?”

Check out the video clip below.

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