Earlier this weekend, a posthumous DMX single called “Know What I Am” was released, but according to HipHopDX, it’s allegedly a “fake.” The publication spoke with veteran A&R Matthew “M80” Markoff about the track and he shared that the vocals used “were never intended” to reach the public’s ears.

“XRay Records took vocals that were never intended to be released from The Redemption of the Beast sessions circa 2014,” he explained. “[Then they] repurposed the production to some ridiculous shit rock soundscape.”

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Morrison added that label owner Brian Perrera “even had the nerve to give himself a writer’s credit on this feeble attempt to sway loyal DMX fans who would kill to have and hear some authorized quality posthumous DMX music at their disposal.”

Instead, what he feels listeners are actually getting is “trash wrapped inside shit topped with a nice ‘f*ck you’ bow on top so these assholes can make a few dollars while the family and estate of DMX see no fruitful gain.”

“These are the same people (Cleopatra / XRay Records) who pushed a fake DMX track with Bootsy Collins and fake ass DMX Greatest Hits album to confuse fans from the real greatest hits released by Universal Music Group after X had unfortunately passed.”

Morrison told HipHopDX that the behaviour “makes [him] sick to [his] stomach.” Prior to the “Know What I Am” single, X’s estate delivered his posthumous Exodus project last May to much acclaim. 

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