Draymond Green went after Kendrick Perkins during his post-game press conference following the Golden State Warriors’ 110-96 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6 on Friday night. Green had been upset with Perkins’s recent criticism of his game.

“Something came up on my phone earlier,” Green explained. “A guy saying I’m scared to shoot the basketball. ‘Scared’ and ‘me’ in the same sentence is like brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV saying what Draymond say ain’t the gospel.”

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Green certainly didn’t look scared to shoot the ball on Friday, dropping 14 points on 6-14 from the field.

“You just gotta come out and shut people up sometimes,” he said of his performance.

After seeing Green’s clip, Perkins fired back with a response on social media.

“Ogre? What? You ain’t handsome. You damn sure ain’t cute,” he said in a video. “At the end of the day, you weren’t being aggressive like the Draymond of old.”

This isn’t the first time the two have called each other out in public. Back in 2021, Perkins admitted that he wanted to fight Green in a celebrity boxing match.

“If I had one guy, and he’s not even my former teammate, but he feel like that I talk shit, and I feel like he talk shit is Draymond Green,” Perkins told the Road Trippin’ podcast at the time. “Like if I had to get in the ring and really put these paws on somebody, it would be Draymond Green. But I really think he don’t want that smoke, and history tells me he really don’t want that smoke.”

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After beating the Grizzlies, the Warriors will be advancing to the Western Conference Finals.

Check out the back and forth between Green and Perkins below.