On Friday, saddening word of Chicago rapper FBG Cash’s reported murder plagued the hip-hop community. Just a day later, another artist’s death has arisen in the media as a result of gun violence in New York City.

NBC NY broke the story – a 27-year-old Black man was shot dead inside a Bronx pharmacy on Thursday after being ambushed by four other men during what police have dubbed an attempted robbery. It was later revealed that the victim was Avanti Frowner, also known as Los Angeles-based drill rapper, MoneyGangVontae.

It’s been noted that Vonte was spotted flashing a wad of cash earlier that day, which likely made him a target. Once in the pharmacy, the men wrestled on the ground and eventually, a gun was pulled and shots were fired, resulting in the rising star’s fatal injuries.

The suspects fled the crime scene on foot, although the pharmacy’s security system captured the entire incident on video.

Local police were contacted about gunfire at Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue around 2 PM ET. Upon arrival, they discovered MoneyGangVontae, who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. 

The recording artist was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “He look like trouble,” a pharmacy employee recalled to NBC News after the incident.

“I saw that he had a lot of money. They looked like they [were] fighting or arguing, I don’t know. I saw that one of them had a gun. I went back there to the pharmacist screaming, ‘We have to move, have to move, because he have a gun, he have a gun!’”

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You can watch a video of the tragedy unfolding here. RIP Avanti Frowner.

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