Prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals at the Chase Center in San Francisco, there was a situation involving the YouTuber Dawson Gurly, who also goes by “Fake Klay Thompson.” This man has been a fixture at Warriors games for years as he closely resembles Klay Thompson, just a little bit heavier. Either way, the fans love him, and since he is a YouTuber, he is always engaging in antics for views, clicks, and fame.

Well, his stunt on Monday night proved to be costly for him as he was banned from the Chase Center for criminal trespass. As you can see from the tweets below, Gurley duped Warriors security into thinking he was really Klay Thompson. He was eventually allowed on the court, and once he started taking shots, security caught on and hit him with a lifetime ban.

This story went viral yesterday and it even made its way to Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai. The Nets chairman didn’t seem to mind Gurley’s actions, as he ultimately offered him a spot with the Nets. Of course, the offer isn’t serious, but it’s cool to see the Nets getting involved in what is otherwise a pretty humorous story.

“They don’t want you in Golden State. Come play in Brooklyn!” Tsai wrote.

With the Nets getting swept in the first round, perhaps Gurley could be of service. He would still be more useful than Ben Simmons.