It was quite the night in Las Vegas as our favorites gathered together for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The show was hosted by Sean “Love” or “Diddy” or “Puff Daddy” Combs, depending on your generation, and while viewers debate his performances, others were squarely paying attention to the interactions between Megan Thee Stallion and Cara Delevingne, as the two seemed thick as thieves throughout the evening.

Viewers first began taking to the social media platform of their choice when they saw Delevingne attend to Megan’s dress while the rapper was posing on the red carpet. At another angle, the mega-model could be seen admiring Megan while peering around the corner of a step-and-repeat wall.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

Later, it was shown that Megan’s seat was placed right behind Doja Cat—and next to Delevingne. Several clips were screen-recorded and quickly shared on social media: there was a point when Doja and Megan were talking, and Cara jumped in with a welcomed response. The model was seen cheering enthusiastically when Megan took the title of Top Female Rap Artist, the model and rapper posed for photos as they arrived at the event, and at an afterparty, Delevingne is clearly seen around the “Plan B” hitmaker as she danced.

Because these two aren’t regularly seen together, at least not by the public, fans have been trying to piece together their relationship. Many of Megan’s fans aren’t thrilled with Delevingne’s attention and pop culture critics have penned op-eds about Delevingne’s alleged party lifestyle. Despite the criticisms, Megan looked to enjoy Delevingne’s company. Check out a few reactions below.