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first movie shot in space

We all know that making movies is not cheap… let alone making a movie in space with a top actor such as Tom Cruise. So how exactly did a movie that does not yet have a title, script, or any major plot points as far as we know secure a $200 million dollar production deal? Well, it probably helps that this first of its kind project is being backed by the likes of Elon Musk and NASA. Musk has reached his status as the seventh richest person in the world through his endeavors in aerospace technology and vehicle engineering with his companies Spacex and Tesla. Musk has been partnering with NASA since 2012 to send some of his rockets into outer space to visit the International Space Station and place satellites in orbit. Lately Musk has been interested in more commercial ventures such as space tourism, so working on a movie filmed in space seems right up his alley. Curious how exactly Tom Cruise got Elon Musk and NASA to partner with him on a feature film shot in space? Want to know what’s next for the project and what challenges the team might face in pre production and production? Well… we have you covered. In this video, we are going to be taking an exclusive inside look at the $200 Million Dollar Movie that will be shot in space!

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