On May 19, it was revealed that Flavor Flav has a three-year-old son named Jason. Flav and the mother, Kate Gammell, had a work relationship a few years back when she served as his manager. According to Kate’s parents, the two began having sexual intercourse. Up until now, it was always claimed that Flav was not the father– that was until a DNA test proved otherwise.

Nonetheless, the 63-year-old artist stepped up to take care of his child. Flav has been spending time with his son, and he and Kate have decided to give Jason his last name– Drayton. The two have also made arrangements for custody as well as child support. 

According to TMZ, the former reality television star has agreed to pay $3,000 a month in child support– which he’s been doing as promised. However, being that Flav just started the payments, he missed out on the child’s first two years. During that period of time, Kate paid for numerous expenses– including medical bills. 

The total cost Flav is looking at comes to $78,704. As claimed by Kate’s family, the ex-Public Enemy rapper was supposed to pay the amount last month, but he has not done so yet.

TMZ caught up with Flav, and he assured the outlet that he would be paying off his debt soon. He claimed that he’s working with an accountant in order to get his finances together. 

He also added that he’s doing all that he can to be in his son’s life. 


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