Gangsta Boo sounded off on Dr. Ish on social media, earlier this week, after the latest episode of WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: The Hip Hop Edition. In the show, Ish confronts Boo and her longtime partner, Emmett, over a white powder allegedly discovered in their room.

Boo was upset with the way Ish handled the situation and argued that a therapist should know better than to come at someone in the way he did.

“You would think that someone like @drish would have a better choice of delivery, when he is trying to be all ‘professional,’” she wrote in the since-deleted post. “Not sure if he just a TV ‘Dr’ when the cameras are on or in real life when they are off. This is #mentalhealthawareness month so if you care so much about ppl health, with SO much ‘concern and sincerity,’ why did YOU noticeably allow ppl to be on prescription meds while drinking alcohol in front of you?? Everything was on camera. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.”

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Boo went on to demand an apology from Ish and stated that she wouldn’t recommend Ish to anyone as a client.

“Someone may see you say what ur saying and be scared to get help in fear of being looked at as a substance abuser or judged by people. I actually have a REAL therapist who would NEVER attach personality disorders to substance abuse so freely or allow patients to indulge in alcohol on prescription meds in front of them,” she continued. “Do you know how dangerous and unsafe that is? Could be fatal for some. Did you not care about that? Don’t pick and choose when you wanna be on patrol to be this health concern doctor. Should be a 24 hr. thing. I used to respect you. I have zero respect for you now or your kind. Are you even married? Let’s be clear. Do better homeboy.”

Ish responded to the rant in a brief tweet of his own, stating that he enjoyed working with both Boo and Emmett.

“I was very sad to see #GangstaBoo and #Emmet have to leave … loved working with both of them,” he wrote. “Just good humans. #HipHopBootCamp.”

Check out the back and forth below.

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