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City Girls

High Simp Energy: Dude Laughs As His Girl Beats Him Bloody!

How can humans be this effed up these days? it’s a sad state of affairs;

Here’s one thing you’ll never see slaves, It’s an Ashkenazi jew getting abused physically or sexually on cam that’s for the Goy…yet you keep acting it for the cameras to normalize your own downfall while the small hat laughs;

This is no different from the many more women who are beaten worse by men who believe it’s ok to put their hands on people when they can’t handle their own emotions so why are you niggas so co concerned now? Main man big asl, he’ll be ok lol smh;

Domestic violence is equal between men and women and if you count the many men who just never call the police it would be way more not to mention the fact that lesbian couples have higher cases of domestic violence compared to straight and gay couples. The study shows that women are just as violent as men and even worse against each other. Also, have you ever thought about why these women end up with abusive guys?? These women love them That’s why you can’t save them from themselves;

The Doctor’s X-rays Confirmed There Is Not A Pimp Bone In His Body;

let me guess she kicking him in the balls too until they are bloody;

Well, he got himself a white Qween hope its worth it;

Remember when Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the mud dogs won the bourbon bowl;

He’s got such low self-esteem that’s what he has to do to keep her!!! Smh;

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Not his girl this girl is an IG model and a simp magnet. her followers are sick: Viewers’ Comments.




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