When Iggy Azalea isn’t in full mommy mode, taking care of the son she shares with Playboi Carti, the Australian beauty spends a fair chunk of time getting glammed up to take stunning photos for her Instagram feed.

Earlier today, (June 26) the “Black Widow” rapper delivered some sultry snapshots in a blue gown from Syndical Chamber, creating an optical illusion that makes her look even more statuesque than normal.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

If you follow the 32-year-old on social media, you may recall a few weeks back when she dropped off a photo dump in a black and red dress of a similar style – though this one was far sexier, making her appear naked – by the same brand.

Azalea’s glam was neutral and smokey, and she rocked larger-than-life wavy hair, styled by @iamhairphyscian. Aside from just the IG pictures, it appears that the songstress wore the same waves for a performance this weekend which included plenty of twerking. 

It remains unclear where she took to the stage, but for her set, the New Classic switched into a bright neon green set, complete with several cutouts to easily show off her assets.

A friend captured a video of Azalea crouching backstage, making her cheeks move before smiling up at the camera. Afterward, she was filmed doing her thing in front of the audience, clapping her cheeks while spitting the bars to her song “Started.”

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Upon seeing the Sydney native’s dance moves, the crowd erupted into cheers – check it out below, along with more footage from Iggy’s stylish weekend.