Ja Morant and his dad have been wildly entertaining throughout the first few weeks of the NBA playoffs. Morant’s father Tee has been a fixture at his games over the years, and as Ja has stated on multiple occasions, Tee is perhaps his biggest hater. Tee wants the best for Ja, and we he plays badly, he makes sure his son knows about it.

In the opening round against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Tee was very vocal, especially while spending time next to Karl-Anthony Towns’ dad. With that being said, Tee became a fixture of the first-round and with the Grizzlies taking on the Golden State Warriors, he is only going to get more prominent.

David Berding/Getty Images

Having said that, some fans have not taken kindly to Tee and Ja’s antics. Ja has been super vocal on social media, and when combined with his dad’s media comments, there are some who just don’t like them at all, and it has led to a hate brigade of sorts.

Recently, a fan took to social media, explaining how it is extremely corny for fans to hate on Ja and Tee. As you can see below, the fan believes Ja and Tee are simply enjoying the game and being a great father and son duo. Ja clearly agrees as he quote tweeted the man, saying “f* em we ball.”

The Grizzlies are currently down 1-0 to the Warriors and if they want any shot at coming back, Ja will have to be at his best. If they do win the series, Ja and Tee will have all the more reason to be vocal.