Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics officially lost the NBA Finals last night in Game 6 at home. Tatum was not particularly good in the game as he finished with 13 points and completely disappeared when the team needed him the most. In fact, Tatum was pretty pedestrian throughout the NBA Finals, and many fans were simply confused by his lack of offense. In some ways, Tatum was comparable to LeBron James in the 2011 Finals where the King completely fell apart against Dallas.

One part of Tatum’s game that seemed to be completely lacking was his awareness on the court. He was a turnover machine in the finals, and in Game 6, he gave up five turnovers, which simply isn’t acceptable given his supposed talent level.

Elsa/Getty Images

In fact, Tatum just broke an NBA playoff record that he would probably rather forget, as quickly as possible. The record in question is most turnovers in a single postseason. The record used to belong to LeBron James who had 94 back in 2018. In these playoffs, Tatum registered a total of 100 which simply isn’t good enough. It certainly played a role in the Celtics’ last three games, and now, the team will have a summer to think about it.

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