As people continue to weigh in on Drake’s latest record, the OVO mogul isn’t the only person who has been hit with complaints. The internet has afforded the global masses the ability to air out every opinion they have about just about anything, and with Honestly, Nevermind hitting streaming services and the Golden State Warriors locking in another NBA title, social media was swimming with hot takes.

Honestly, Nevermind was Drake‘s surprise album that has prompted polarizing discussions about the rapper’s catalog and vision for the future of his career. Many have stated that the album is bad or not his best work, but Drake responded by saying that if listeners don’t understand just yet, that’s fine.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have also been on the receiving end of split conversations regarding their wins, in addition to talks about each player’s talents. Steph Curry handled business and rightfully earned his MVP status, but that hasn’t kept sports fans from penning disparaging remarks about him, as well.

Music icon Jermaine Dupri knows a thing or two about succeeding beyond expectations, even his own, as a hitmaker with a sphere of influence that most only dream of. He offered a brief opinion of his own after reading through critics’ reactions.

“These guys that have never had a # 1 records,won a NBA championship or a Super Bowl, be the most sh*t talking ni66as I eva seen,” he tweeted. Several people co-signed his take. Check out more reactions and a peek at Drake‘s Honestly, Nevermind merch below.