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Kalina Collier is looking for work after she was let go by her former employer, JetBlue, for allegedly faking her kidnapping in Jamaica.

Collier reportedly made up the elaborate hoax to avoid being quarantined after testing positive for Covid-19.

Collier posted several videos on social media, claiming that her positive Covid-19 tests were fraudulent because the Jamaican government wanted to hold her at a hotel for sex trafficking or organ trafficking purposes.

Foreigners who test positive after arriving on the Caribbean island are quarantined in a hotel at the government’s expense until they test negative.

Collier arrived in Jamaica on January 28 and was scheduled to depart on February 1. She previously tested positive using a rapid antigen test.

Not satisfied with the result, she took another test 30 minutes later, which turned out negative.

The Jamaican Health Ministry’s protocol for false positive tests is to take a PCR test, which is determined to be more accurate.

On Feb. 2, Collier’s test came back positive, which led to the quarantine order.

But Collier took to Instagram, claiming she was being held against her will in an unknown location for sex trafficking purposes.

Among those she reached out to include YouTube star and social media influencer Amanda Seales, who took up Collier’s cause.

Soon the hashtag #FindKalinaCollier was trending on social media, as family and friends claimed they couldn’t locate her in Jamaica.

Collier recorded videos on her cell phone, saying she didn’t know where she was, or the day or date. She also alleged there were cameras in her room watching her.

But social media users quickly identified the “cameras” as motion sensors and smoke detectors.

After the news media picked up the kidnap story, the hotel provided video to show that Collier was being picked up from the hotel every day in a Mazda car driven by her mother.

Collier’s story soon unraveled and she was terminated by JetBlue. She was cleared to leave the island on Feb. 15 after quarantining for 14 days.

Jamaican residents were understandably outraged by her behavior.

Photo may have been deleted

Translated: “This is what we have to resort to because she wants to draw Jamaica into the foolishness about kidnapping of a foreigner. We already have so much to deal with and this is what she picks??? Hurry up and go back to your country!!!!! Please and thank you.”

Another wrote in Jamaican Patois:

Photo may have been deleted

(Translated: “You shouldn’t have rented her the vehicle. Make her walk back home. Who is she to kidnap?”)

JetBlue officials issued an apology to the Jamaican government and to the Jamaican people for the “frustration and concern this incident has caused and reiterate our confidence in the health protocols Jamaica has put in place.”



Oklahoma Teacher Who Called Student’s “Black King” T-Shirt Racist Placed On Leave





An Oklahoma teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after chastising a 7th-grade student for wearing a “Black King” t-shirt, calling it racist.

According to KFOR, Edmond Public School District officials in Oklahoma met with the teacher on February 25 about the incident, but they have not shared whether or not any disciplinary action will be taken against the educator.

“Edmond Public Schools district administrators met this afternoon… with a Heartland Middle School teacher at the center of a complaint,” Susan Parks-Schlepp, the director of communications for the school district, said in a statement.

“The district recognizes the public’s desire for a quick resolution to this issue. However, it’s important to note that employees have fundamental rights to ensure fairness when they are the subject of a complaint. Those rights include an option for the teacher to respond to and contest any recommended disciplinary action,” Park-Schlepp continued.

The 7th grader, Latrell Taft, claims his teacher abruptly stopped teaching the class to chastise his “Black King” t-shirt, which he was given as a birthday present. The t-shirt included an outline of Africa and allegedly offended the teacher who called it “racist.”

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FAA Proposes $27,500 Fine For Passenger Accused Of Hitting Flight Attendants





The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants a civil penalty of nearly $27,500 against a passenger accused of physically striking a flight attendant in the face after being asked to leave the plane.

During an October 2020 flight from Miami to Atlanta, the incident occurred when a verbal altercation turned violent after the flight attendant asked the passenger to disembark because her traveling companion refused to wear his mask.

The agency said the man also refused to follow any direction given to him during the flight, including wearing his seatbelt or returning his tray in the upright position during takeoff.

Once the aircraft returned to its gate in order for the pair to exit, the woman allegedly became belligerent, yelling at passengers and the flight attendant, and eventually struck the attendant in the face, under her left eye.

Federal law prohibits passengers from interfering with aircraft crew or physically assaulting them, or threatening to physically assault anyone on an aircraft.

Any passengers who violate this law are subject to civil penalties for such misconduct, which can threaten the flight’s safety by disrupting or distracting the cabin crew from their responsibilities.

“The FAA is strictly enforcing a zero-tolerance policy toward passengers who cause disturbances on flights or fail to obey flight crew instructions in violation of the FAA’s regulations or engage in conduct proscribed by federal law,” their press release stated.

The FAA did not identify the passengers involved in this incident, but the agency did state that the woman has 30 days to respond to the penalty.

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Deb Antney Talks Safaree and Nicki Minaj’s Relationship, “I Thought Safaree Was A Gay Guy That She Hung Out With”





Deb Antney and the cast of FX’s limited docu-series “Hip Hop Uncovered” sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for the latest episode of “Drink Champs” and discussed all things Hip Hop.

The docu-series is an in-depth look at some of the OG’s who have been able to use their street experience to influence and cultivate Hip Hop Culture and make serious power moves in the music industry.

The series, which was conceptualized by L.A. street legend and manager Eugene “Big U” Henley, features in-depth interviews with Detroit gatekeeper Christian “Trick Trick” Mathis, Queens legend James “Bimmy” Antney, and his sister and Debra (Deb) Antney, as well as Brooklyn’s infamous Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant.

During the interview, Deb, who helped launch the careers of rap superstars like Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, and French Montana, shared her first impression of Nicki’s relationship with her former boyfriend, Safaree.

“I never knew her and Safaree was going together,” Antney explains to the panel. “I thought Safaree was a gay guy that she hung out with, and he was her helper. She never showed [affection].”

Deb explained that when she would book shows for Nicki, she would always book two rooms for her.

“When I was booking her out, she was like, ‘Deb, I need two rooms,’ but the two rooms wasn’t for him because she would get dressed in the other room, but I didn’t know that they went together. I never knew until he took my car from her, and she called me to lock him up. And then he called me, and that’s when he broke down everything.”

Deb also revealed that Safaree put his career on hold to help Nicki achieve her dreams.

“He put his career back for her, you know. He told me that. They put everything into her- to let her go,” Atney explained of the former couple’s relationship.

Deb also talked about how Gucci Mane allegedly stole $5,000 from French Montana back when she was managing him. 

“Gucci didn’t like French,” she added, “Because the first time he went in the studio to do a song with him, he paid Gucci $5,000 to get on a feature. And he was just sitting in the studio, but Gucci was gone out the back door. Gucci took the money and left.”

She continued, “Then, he called me, and French was like, ‘Yo, Gucci left,’ and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I called him, and I said, ‘Gucc, where the hell you at? Why you take that boy got d–n money?’ And then he was like, ‘Man, f–k that p—y a—n—-a, he wasn’t doing nothing.’ I said, ‘Gucc, you can’t do no s–t like that.’ So, then French called me, he was like, “Yo aunty, that’s all the money I had. I didn’t have no more money.’”

Check out the full interview below.

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