29-year-old JT handled her wardrobe malfunction on stage at the Billboard Music Awards like a champ (although she admitted it was an embarrassing moment), but the “Ex For A Reason” hitmaker wasn’t able to brush some hateful online posts off with as much poise.

The initial tweet that caught JT off guard seems to be one that reads, “I noticed she always doing dark skin Black girls. She insecure, ugly, and mean.” Though she didn’t quote the post, the City Girl took the time to grab a photo from her hater’s own profile and rip it apart.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“WOODY, I’m not gone even @ you,” she began. “Keep my name off your Twitter. The only thing that’s stressing and depressing is your big ass dressed like a Toy Story character.”

In another post, JT continued, “I love to rank. I swear idk why bitches get roasting confused as miserable, I be cracking tf up cause leave me tf alone, let me do me, or Ima fry you.”

“I’m dark skin too,” she said in defence of the allegations laid on her in the initial tweet. “She started with me – this Black on Black crime.”

In conclusion, the recording artist wrote, “Calling me ugly in 2022 because you don’t like me is insane. Hoes be lying through they missing side tooth!”

When fans pressed her about why she was so vicious online early in the morning, she clarified that she’s currently in China, so the time is much later – and more socially acceptable for online feuding – check it out below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates. 

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