The Kardashian-Jenner family has filed a motion to have Blac Chyna’s case, in which she claims the family influenced E!’s decision not to pick up her reality series Rob & Chyna, thrown out. The family’s lawyer Michael Rhodes slammed Chyna’s claims in court on Friday, April 22, according to documents obtained by Page Six.

“Before trial began, these claims were absurd,” Rhodes told the court. Of the Kardashians clan, Rhodes represents Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kris Jenner.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

He continued: “Now that Plaintiff has testified in her entirety, and has no additional testimony or evidence to offer on her damages, Defendants respectfully submit that entering such an instruction would be a vastly inadequate remedy.”

The Kardashians argue that Chyna’s request for $140 million in economic damage and $36,000,000 in general are “unsupported and wildly speculative claims.” The legal team cited Chyna’s inability to provide the court with accounting records.

“Ms. White [Blac Chyna] also could not identify the specific amounts she has made for any of her three allegedly damaged income sources in a given year,” Rhodes continued.

Rhodes also cited Chyna’s lack of evidence for emotional distress, claiming that the only figure she’s been able to provide is a $820 payment made to a therapist in July 2021.

Earlier this month, an executive producer for Rob & Chyna testified that BET, VH1, Lifetime, and MTV were all uninterested in picking up the show.


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