Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are out of the NBA playoffs after being swept by the Boston Celtics. It was a pretty embarrassing series for the Nets who were supposed to at least make this series go six or seven games. In the end, however, it was the Celtics who had the last laugh as they ultimately rendered KD useless at points.

Despite the loss, Durant has been very active on Twitter, and it does not seem like he has any plans of slowing down his tweetstorm. For instance, one fan suggested that KD should just delete his Twitter account and hit the gym. To this, KD simply said “I’m not bouta delete my twitter fam, fuck that lol.”

Throughout the morning, KD has been dealing with plenty of comments from fans, and it is clear that Durant has no interest in listening to people’s opinions. In fact, one person sarcastically told him to enjoy Cancun, and all KD had to say was “Peace god. I will enjoy my vacation, I appreciate your well wishes.”

Needless to say, nothing really affects KD right now. For some, this is going to be strange as KD should be a bit more upset about going out sad in the first round. For others, however, this is just further confirmation of how KD has always been.

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