Since the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival, concert safety has become a primary concern for many artists. Playboi Carti, for example, has issued safety warnings in regards to his concerts. Travis Scott himself is now leading a new effort toward increased safety precautions at festivals.

Key Glock is now the most recent example of an artist taking fans’ well-beings seriously. At a concert on Sunday, May 15, Key Glock paused his show to assist an unconscious concert-goer.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The rapper told security guards to bring the fan towards the stage so that she could get medical attention.

After pausing the music, he beckoned to the crowd, saying, “Y’all, bring her over here.”

According to The Shade Room, the fan had lost consciousness near the front of the stage. Her condition is unknown as of writing.

This is now one of many incidents since Astroworld where a musical artist stops performing in order to get a fan proper medical attention. In February, Billie Eilish paused her show for a fan’s safety, and even took a dig at Travis Scott in the process.

Key Glock’s concert in Birmingham, Alabama, comes at the tail end of his Yellow Tape Tour. The rapper released Yellow Tape 2 in November of last year. At Rolling Loud Los Angeles in December, the rapper led a tribute to his late cousin Young Dolph, and has since opened up about dealing with the loss. His song “Ambition for Cash” has gone viral on TikTok, and he recently linked up with the creator of the trend at his show in Los Angeles.

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Watch the video of Glock pausing his show and helping his fan below.