A brief exchange between Kodak Black and KFC has earned itself a reaction from Russell Simmons. The social media managers for major brands have been putting in work in recent years as they appeal to an internet-driven audience. We’ve seen fast food restaurants’ accounts clap back at customers or create viral moments with witty banter, but KFC showed love to Kodak Black after the rapper publicly chose them over their competitor.

“I Like KFC Over Popeyes [shrug emoji],” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

The mention wasn’t missed by the Kentucky chicken chain and they replied, “So do we Yak.” Kodak got a good laugh about the reaction and added, “I’m Dead [skull emoji][sideways crying laughing emoji].” Quickly, fans demanded that KFC ink a partnership with Kodak or at least feature him in one of their commercials. We’re not sure if this helped the Florida rapper receive a brand sponsorship, but after Hollywood Unlocked shared screenshots of the exchange, Russell Simmons reportedly slid into their comment section.

The Def Jam icon didn’t take too kindly to the jovial back and forth and wrote, “Both arr poisoning our people [sad tear emoji]. love kodak black. [red heart emoji].” Many social media users agreed with Simmons, but they thought he was being too serious with his reaction. Additionally, some people brought up his scandals in response. 

Check it out below.