LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers found themselves out of the playoffs this season. This was a complete shock to the NBA world as they had all of the pieces to be great. Realistically, this is a team that should have been able to at least go to the Western Conference Finals. Due to a plethora of injuries and some poor play from Russell Westbrook, the Lakers ended up getting the short end of the stick, and now, they are a bit of a laughing stock around the league.

Despite this unfortunate demise, LeBron is having himself a grand old time in paradise. As you can see in the video down below, LeBron was seen dancing and vibing out while on vacation. The Lakers star has a drink in his hand and he seems to be doing just fine right now.

While LeBron might be having a lot of fun right now, it is clear that he is still thinking about basketball right now. While taking to Twitter just a couple of days ago, LeBron wrote “I can/will NOT miss the post season again for my career! This shit HURT. Ok back to watching these games.”

Needless to say, there are some positives and negatives that come with missing the playoffs. At 37 years of age, we’re sure LeBron is enjoying the extra time off.