Kevin Durant is someone who loves to talk hoops. He is one of the best players in the entire league, however, he still finds the time to go on Twitter and engage with fans about the game of basketball. You can tell he is truly passionate about all of this and that he doesn’t mind engaging in discourse with people who might not know as much as he does.

Recently, KD took to the platform to ask which 90s centers would have been MVP candidates in today’s game. As you can see down below, KD decided that the likes of David Robinson, Shaq, and Patrick Ewing were the best answers for his question.

LeBron James ended up chiming in on this one stating that he thought Shaq, David Robinson, and Hakeem Olajuwon were the right answers. Essentially, the only player that KD and LeBron disagreed on was none other than Patrick Ewing. Ewing was, of course, an amazing player in his era, however, Hakeem was definitely better in terms of success on the court. Not to mention, some people have Hakeem in their top five players of all time.

Let us know who your answers to KD’s question would be, in the comments below. We’re sure there will be some overlap as Hakeem, Shaq, Robinson, and Ewing are all legends.