Devastating news came out of Uvalde, Texas today as it was revealed that 14 children were killed during a shooting at an Elementary School. The shooter is now dead and it has also been stated that a teacher was killed as well.

This yet another instance of gun violence in the United States and many are simply sick and tired of it all. After all, schools should be the safest places in the world, and it is just heartbreaking that some children are made to live in constant fear of something like this happening. 

Following the news, LeBron James took to Twitter where he used his platform to speak out about the shooting. Simply put, LeBron wants lawmakers to put a stop to these attacks that have become all too common throughout the country.

“My thoughts and prayers goes out to the families of love ones loss & injured at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX! Like when is enough enough man!!! These are kids and we keep putting them in harms way at school. Like seriously “AT SCHOOL” where it’s suppose to be the safest!” he wrote. “There simply has to be change! HAS TO BE!! Praying to the heavens above to all with kids these days in schools.”

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