During his Connecticut show on his 7220 Tour, Lil Durk paused the show to air out a male audience member for allegedly getting into an altercation with a woman in the crowd per Complex

“I just seen the most craziest sh*t in the crowd man,” Durk told the audience. “I just seen a n***a tryna fight a girl, man. Slow down bro, you know? Where he at? Where he at who just tried to fight a girl, man?”

Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

After finding the man in the audience, Durk bashed him for allegedly fighting the woman. “Aye bro, why you tryna fight girls, bro?”, Durk asked. “I should come over there and f*ck you up. Yeah. We really like that for sure. I’d make your ass apologize right now. Deadass and you a hoe. You a hoe,” he continued. 

After The Shade Room posted footage of the show, a man claiming to be the one in question, hopped in the comments to defend himself. The man explained that he was protecting his girlfriend. 

There are five shows left in the 7220 Tour, including Pittsburgh (April 26), Cincinnati (April 27), St. Louis (April 29), Indianapolis (April 30), and Chicago (May 2).

Durk continues to sit on top of the charts with this full-length release 7220. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and recently moved back to No. 1 after moving 47,000 equivalent album units. The project includes “AHHH HA”, “Petty Too” featuring Future, “Computer Murderers”, “Pissed Me Off”, and “What Happened To Virgil” featuring Gunna. 

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