Lil Yachty has always set himself apart as a very unique artist in the world of hip-hop. For instance, back in 2016, he released the mixtape Lil Boat which was considered to be a new subgenre called “bubblegum trap.” From the high-pitched autotune to the bubbly beats, Lil Boat was an extremely pleasant listen from start to finish. 

While Yachty has received praise from his fans for this sound, it is clear that it is not for everybody. Yachty is very aware of this fact, and while speaking to DJ Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast, the rapper claimed that he could never go on tour with someone like his labelmate, Lil Baby. When asked to explain himself, Yachty noted that he is in a completely different lane and that he would be looked at with curious eyes.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

“I’m not going in front of Lil Baby, bro,” Yachty said. “Motherfuckers gonna look at me crazy, ‘What the fuck n***a, get off that stage.’ I’m not going in front of that n***a at all… We are in such different lanes, if someone’s coming to see him, they are not tryna hear me. We are on two different ends of the spectrum.”

Yachty definitely has some bangers in his catalog, and his fans always go crazy at his shows. For now, however, you’re likelier to see him on a lineup with Tyler, the Creator than Lil Baby.