The on-set stories from the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast X, have not all been good. The biggest news from the production so far is the resignation of director Justin Lin, who had directed five of the films in the series and was slated to direct Fast X. According to reports, it looks like Lin stepped down due to the behavior of one of the film’s stars, Vin Diesel.

But it looks like the energy on set isn’t all negative, as one of the film’s other stars, Ludacris, showed on his Instagram. The rapper/actor filmed himself jokingly confronting his co-star, Tyrese Gibson, about his hookah habits. He captioned the video with, “You ever wonder how actors get into character? Just when I thought I’d seen it ALL.”

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The video shows Tyrese with hookah in hand. “Behind the scenes, Fast 10,” Ludacris narrates. “This is a first ladies and gentlemen, I can’t make this s**t up. My brother has his own personal hookah bar in between scenes. Who in the f**k does that?” Tyrese laughs and denies that the hookah is his- “I was just holding it.” Luda is not persuaded, saying, “Nah bro, that ain’t gonna fly.”

Luda is clearly fascinated by Tyrese’s antics. He repeats himself in bewilderment- “Who the f**k has their own hookah bar? What do you have to say for yourself bro?” Tyrese sticks with his defense: “This is not even mine. I was just holding this s**t.” Their banter is cut off when it sounds like they’re called back to set.

It’s good to see that at least some people are having fun on the Fast X set. Check out the video below.