Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are very committed, to say the least. The two have made their love public through a variety of publicity stunts, including MGK performing for their unborn child at the Billboard Music Awards and the two having sex through a jumpsuit in Vegas.

Now, MGK has taken things even further, wearing an earring that appeared to be a syringe filled with blood at the premiere of Taurus, his new film. He showed the eccentric jewelry off on Instagram, including a photo of his fiancé licking the blood drop at the tip.

Kelly complimented the piece with a white Dolce & Gabbana suit, and Fox matched the contents of the syringe with a blood-red Sportmax dress. The two were at the Tribeca Film Festival. “Pisces moon but the film is called Taurus,” wrote Kelly in the caption. “Coming later this year.”

Kelly and Fox have a penchant for using blood as bond. MGK has said that Fox gave him a drop of her blood for him to wear as a necklace. Kelly was fond of the gift, boasting, “Some people give, like, a handkerchief to their partner or whatever. She gave me her DNA.” The move was reminiscent of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s famous relationship stunt, where they wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks.

All this blood-play comes as Kelly and Fox prepare to get married. The two got engaged back in January and celebrated the occasion by drinking each other’s blood. According to “Taurus” director Tim Sutton, MGK has taken the role of “bridezilla” because Megan has already “been through it before.” Time will tell how big a role blood will take at the ceremony.

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