Elon Musk made one of the biggest acquisitions in media last month after dropping $44B to buy out Twitter. There have been plenty of mixed reactions to the news. Some felt that it’s dangerous to have a single owner of a platform like Twitter while others think that Elon Musk’s leadership is necessary for the sake of free speech.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It seems that some feel that Musk should’ve opened the floor for other investors to chip in. Meek Mill went to Twitter where he said that Elon Musk should’ve allowed others to invest with him. “Elon musk let us invest in Twitter with you ‘big homie,’” Meek wrote. No word on if Elon saw the tweet but he has yet to respond.

Elon Musk already has some big plans ahead after acquiring Twitter. For one, he said that he plans on making Twitter private, which would impede any plans Meek has to invest in the company. Secondly, Elon Musk hinted at the idea of charging commercial and government users a slight fee for using the platform.

According to Rolling Stone, Musk did have a few investors who chipped in on the $44B acquisition quietly. An SEC filing revealed that this included the Saudi Royal family and some rich Trump supporters.

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