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Getty Images, Instagram

Meek Mill surprised his paternal grandmother, Beaulah, with the keys to a newly renovated townhouse in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, the rapper gave Instagram followers a virtual tour of his grandma’s new digs.

Meek captioned the video: “I did this for my dad and my Grandmom.”

“Loyalty is not just a word,” he captioned another photo that showed him and his grandma in a bedroom. “Kick ya feet up Grandmom [diamond emoji] My dads mom #newcrib I’m Prada myself! Ya definition of real not the same as mines I get it!”

“I appreciate you, grandma,” Meek said.

“And I appreciate you for looking out for your grandmother,” Beaulah replied.

While the high end finishes and modern decor are a nice touch, the home is a disaster waiting to happen.

Concerned fans cringed at the sight of the stairs with clear glass panel railings.

Safety should be a top priority when planning for loved ones to age in place

According to, millions of adults, ages 65 and older, fall at home each year. One out of every 4 adults suffers a fall each year.

RealPeopleGroup/E+/Getty Images

The risk of a fall can be life-threatening. What if grandma is on medication that makes her drowsy? God forbid Beaulah forgets to drink water and becomes dehydrated and confused and tumbles down those stairs.

The home is not wheelchair accessible, and there is an increased risk of fall in bathtubs. A walk-in shower or a walk-in tub are better options.

These are factors that people should consider when aging in place.

In 2018, Meek threatened a white man who spray painted the word “ACORN” on his grandmother’s home in South Philly. The rapper claimed “ACORN” is a racist term normally associated with neo-Nazis.

“The crazy part is this was a all black neighborhood 20 years ago,” Meek tweeted. “It was gentrified and now this! Just don’t let us catch you coward!”

Take a virtual tour of Beaulah’s new home below.


SWV will use Michael Jackson Sample During Verzuz Despite ‘Potential Backlash’




Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Sisters With Voices, aka SWV say they plan to use their famous Michael Jackson sample during an upcoming Verzuz lipsync battle with Xscape.

Tamara “Taj” Johnson (left) and Leanne “Lelee” Lyons (center) joined “TMZ Live” on Thursday and were asked if SWV will play their hit, “Right Here (Human Nature Remix),” when the R&B group battles Xscape on Saturday.

Fortunata / Splash News

TMZ suggested there would be “potential backlash” from the “cancel culture” if SWV played the song during the Verzuz.

Taj and Lelee see no issue with playing the sample. They say they didn’t even pay Michael for the sample of his 1983 hit, “Human Nature,” and they wouldn’t be successful if not for Michael.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The ladies say it’s not their job to judge Michael by canceling his music.

SWV fans agree. One Twitter user wrote:

“The people with this alleged “potential backlash” won’t even be tuned into the Verzuz so this will be a non issue.”

Another user tweeted: “If they DIDN’T use the MJ sample there would be an even bigger blacklash!!!!”

And a third wrote: “People still trying to create anti MJ controversy in 2021?”

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Floyd Mayweather Jr and Jake Paul Brawl at press conference




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Floyd Mayweather Jr and YouTube star Jake Paul got into a heated exchange at the press conference for Floyd’s upcoming boxing match with Logan Paul.

The 44-year-old champion boxer is annoyed since boxing fans say his fight with 26-year-old Logan is fake.

If you recall, Logan’s brother, Jake, 24, knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson last year.

In a video posted on Thursday, Floyd suggested a boxing match between himself and Jake.

Jake tells him, “Don’t be calling [event promoter] Al Haymon. Let’s make it happen.”

“I’m my own boss,” FLoyd replies angrily.

Then Jake snatched Floyd’s cap off his head and shouted “Got your cap!” before fleeing with Floyd in hot pursuit.

Chaos ensued as Floyd’s security chased after them and separated the two combatants.

Question: Do you think the upcoming fight between Floyd and Logan Paul is fake?

Be warned: the video contains excessive profanity — mostly by Floyd who never got his cap back.

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Law Roach Named “Top Stylist of the Year” by The Hollywood Reporter




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AB + DM for THR

Law Roach was named “Top Stylist of the Year” by The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The 42-year-old designer graces the cover of The Hollywood Reporter issue that spotlights the 12 tastemakers who made the most impact during the pandemic.

Law shares the cover with his longtime client, model and singer Zendaya (left) and model Anya Taylor-Joy (right).

He wears Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston accessorized with boots by Christian Louboutin. Model and singer Zendaya is wearing Valentino and Bulgari with Christian Louboutin pumps. And Anya wears a Dior frock and Louboutins.

Law is best known for creating stylish looks for everyone from Zendaya and Lady Gaga to Viola Davis and Ciara Wilson.

Business boomed for the gender-bending stylist despite the lockdowns.

“I run a global, multimillion-dollar business. I did really well, even in COVID,” he said. “So that part of it is great, you know. As a person, I just want to do the things that I’m doing now and figure out more ways to help other people.”

Law shared images from the THR cover shoot on Instagram. He captioned the gallery:

“Thank You @hollywoodreporter for naming me STYLIST OF THE YEAR….. thank you to my @zendaya and @anyataylorjoy for making this cover so special. And thank you to all my clients for trusting me with something so important as your image!!!! I’m truly grateful.”

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