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Early Tuesday in Texas, a deadly winter storm pummeling the country’s south and midsection left millions without electricity and spawned a tornado that killed three people in North Carolina. Freezing weather is expected to come in the next few days.

On Tuesday, the county’s emergency services said the suspected tornado that struck North Carolina’s Brunswick County at about midnight tore homes from foundations, snapped trees in half, and wounded at least 10 people.

Houston Police say that two people and one child died in a car from carbon monoxide poisoning to stay warm.

According to, more than 4.2 million people woke up in Texas without power; the regions around Galveston and Houston were hit the hardest.

The National Weather Service said that snow and freezing rain would continue, creating travel fears for parts of the eastern Great Lakes to New England. Frigid Arctic air and severe wind chills were expected through midweek in the Great Plains and Mississippi, Valley.

The storm dumped snow and ice from Arkansas to Indiana, bringing record low temperatures from Oklahoma City to the Iron Range of Minnesota, where, according to the National Weather Service, thermometers dipped to minus 38.

Texas officials called on residents to stay off the highways, preserve power, and seal up drafty windows and doors.

Since Thursday, at least 25 people have died from weather-related causes so far, most of them in Texas, as the storm covered vast portions of the state.

There were rumors of people trapped in North Carolina’s Brunswick County homes or feared missing as rescue efforts started after the potential tornado, emergency management officials said. An estimated 50 homes were affected, and a temporary shelter for the displaced was built. The Brunswick Electric Membership Company said that power lines had also been shut down, leaving thousands without electricity.

During a news conference, the county’s sheriff, John Ingram, said, “It’s something like I have never seen before. A lot of destruction,” adding that “It’s going to be a long recovery process.”

There were also fears of power outages and failures of backup generators at public health departments in Texas, where thousands of coronavirus vaccines are being kept in cold storage.

San Antonio International Airport canceled all flights elsewhere in the state Tuesday, and the Dallas Stars postponed a game against the Nashville Predators in the National Hockey League in an attempt to save electricity.

After their plant lost control at 2 a.m., the Houston Chronicle was forced to stop printing. The newspaper said in a message to readers that this did not happen when Hurricane Harvey hit the city in 2017.

As a result of power outages at all three of its water treatment plants, Abilene, a city of around 170,000 people, has shut down its water services.

Officials in Dallas said their skylines would go dark in an attempt to conserve power, and Kansas City, Missouri, did the same. Other cities spread across the U.S., including Tennessee and Iowa, Kansas City were threatened Monday with rolling power outages.

A weekend storm was hammering the Pacific Northwest. After heavy snow and ice brought down tree branches this weekend and blocked storm drains in Washington state and Idaho, hundreds of thousands of people in Oregon were still without power.

More snow and ice was projected late Tuesday and Wednesday along a cold front stretching from Texas to the Appalachian states in more unwelcome news for millions without electricity. The National Weather Service said Oklahoma is expected to be a probable epicenter for the heaviest accumulations through Tuesday night.

The trailing cold front of the storm is also expected to cause showers and thunderstorms over South Florida, where some possibility of flash flooding is present.



Woman Turns Capitol Rioter Ex-Boyfriend Into The FBI After He Called Her A “Moron”





A woman turned her ex-boyfriend into the FBI for storming the Capitol after he called her a “moron” via text message.

Richard Michetti may have gotten away with his role in the violent Capitol riot had he been a little nicer to his ex-girlfriend. Now, the Pennsylvania man is one of over 200 citizens facing charges for the January 6th riot.

In the arrest warrant, Michetti was arguing with his ex-girlfriend soon after the failed siege. The argument stemmed from him sending photos and videos from the riot to his ex, who remains unnamed. In the messages, Michetti insisted that the 2020 election had been rigged in favor of Joe Biden.

“If you can’t see the election was stolen you’re a moron,” Michetti wrote in the message.

The next day, the woman contacted federal authorities.

Also included in the arrest warrant are photos depicting the Trump supporter both inside and outside the Capitol on January 6th, as well as a hotel receipt confirming he was in Washington, D.C. on that day.

“We stormed the building, they held us back with spray and teargas and paintballs,” he confessed in one text.

Michetti was arraigned in court on Tuesday. His charges include knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and obstruction of Congress.

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Chilling video captures the moment Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot (Video)






Harrowing surveillance footage captured the moment when a dog walker for pop singer Lady Gaga was shot and two of her French bulldogs stolen.

The dog walker, identified by Ryan Fischer, 30, was caring for the singer’s beloved dogs while she is away in Rome, Italy.

The video, obtained by TMZ, shows a man walking three dogs on a sidewalk late Wednesday night.

Then a white sedan, possibly a Nissan Altima or Sentra, pulled up alongside him and two men exited the backseat.

One suspect is heard yelling “You know what this is!” and “Give it up!” as Fischer screamed for help.

One of the dogs escaped while Fischer fought with the suspects who grabbed the other two dogs. One of the thugs shot Fischer in the chest before the suspects sped away with the two dogs.

Fischer fell to the ground, screaming “Help me! I’ve been shot!”

Police confirmed the dog walker was shot once in the chest — not four times as was previously reported.


Lady Gaga’s team confirmed to PEOPLE that Gaga “wanted” the surveillance video “to be seen to catch the shooter and recover her dogs.”

She offered $500,000 for the safe return of her pets.

Gaga is in Italy prepping to film her new movie “Gucci.” A source told “Entertainment Tonight” that she is “beside herself” and “is horrified that this happened.”

“Her dogs are her babies and she is completely devastated and sickened by this,” the source said, adding that the singer feels “helpless” because she is far away.

CAUTION: This video contains graphic violence and may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Kyrie Irving Reignites Movement To Make Kobe Bryant The NBA Logo





Kyrie Irving is pushing to reignite the movement to have Kobe Bryant’s likeness used as the official NBA logo.

On Wednesday, Irving posted a mock-up designed by Tyson Beck, that uses an image of Kobe Bryant with the caption “Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

Kyrie’s post garnered lots of support from other celebrities like Dez Bryant, Stephen Jackson, and Kobe’s widow Vanessa- who liked the post.

Jerry West, the NBA legend who is currently featured on the league’s logo, has previously said he’s open to the update as well.

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