Every day it seems as if there’s another podcast being launched, giving more people platforms to share their stories. Several have gone viral over controversial takes involving dating or all things pop culture, but every so often a model surfaces with a tale about an alleged experience with a rapper. Some women, like Celina Powell, have gained social media groupie fame due to their alleged escapades with chart-topping artists, and today (June 15), Aliza Jane went viral following her story about Kanye West and Future. 

She hasn’t provided proof that this actually went down, but according to her, West called her and said that he was in the studio with Future. 

He reportedly invited her to come over, and she was excited because she said she “wanted to see them make music [and] I wanted to show him my music.”

“So, I pull up there, it’s at Future‘s house and he literally just has me come in the studio and get butt-ass naked and just twerk in front of him and all his friends,” she continued. She clarified that she was offered drinks and they did try to make her feel comfortable before asking her to take all of her clothes off and dance.

“He was working on his album, Donda 2, so like, it was loud,” she added. “I just wanted to be a fly on the wall.” You can listen to her detail the alleged story for herself below.