Ms. Juicy Baby, best-known for her role on Lifetime’s reality series, Little Women: Atlanta, has been discharged from the hospital after suffering a stroke in April. While able to go home, the television star says she still isn’t 100% healthy. 

“I am not at 100%, but I am still healing,” Juicy, whose real name is Shirlene Pearson, said in a post on Instagram. “I want to say thank you for all of the love and support … and I appreciate y’all being concerned.”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

She added that she’s had to re-learn how to walk and other basic motor functions: “I had to learn how to walk, learn how to talk, learn how to eat, learn how to swallow. I can’t even really say ‘Ms. Juicy Baby’ the way I usually say it.”

Pearson also asked fans to support a GoFundMe that has been set up by her sister to help cover medical costs. She explained that she hasn’t been able to work while being hospitalized.

“I haven’t been able to work. So there’s no money coming in,” she said.

Pearson concluded: “As you can see, I’m not dead. I’m right here. It might have slowed me down, but I’m here, and I’ll be back at 100% when the time is right. But I can’t push it and I can’t rush it. This right here, this is not me. I can’t stay this way too long y’all. So keep praying. We’ll be back real soon. Love you and thank you.”

Check out the Little Women: Atlanta star’s Instagram update below.

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