N.O.R.E has decided to distance himself completely from DJ Vlad following disparaging remarks about Minister Louis Farrakhan. Throughout the years, DJ Vlad has built up a sizable platform, acquiring interviews with many of the game’s hottest rising rappers, not to mention many conversations with OGs and veterans. While many criticized the media personality for a variety of reasons, rappers still continue to sit down the VLAD TV to the point where his platform is one of hip-hop’s most expansive archives.Recently, DJ Vlad has found himself on the back end of a widespread movement, one that recently caused N.O.R.E to take a vocal stand against him.It all started during an interview with D.L. Hughley, Vlad made disparaging remarks about DJ Louis Farrakhan which went on to upset artists like Royce Da 5’9, Nick Cannon, and Lord Jamar, one of Vlad’s frequent collaborators.

Even though Vlad maintains that he misquoted Farrakhan, many rappers felt that his statement was disingenuous, and the narrative has since begun to turn against him.

Noreaga officially issued a public request saying, “Vlad TV, I feel like he disrespected hip-hop.” He added, “I feel like he disrespected Louis Farrakhan, and he didn’t say sorry. So Vlad TV or anyone watching this, I would like you personally Vlad, to take every video with N.O.R.E that’s on your site, to take it off. I’m asking you that as a favor, I know I could have called you on the phone, but this is a public situation. Not a private situation. So this is your boy N.O.R.E signing off. I don’t want anything to do with that.”