For the last decade and a bit, the NBA has had a lot of stability in terms of its franchises and their locations. After moving the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City, the league has not had any other expansions or relocations. With that being said, the league has always been looking at ways to increase revenue streams and enter new markets that have yet to be explored.

In the NHL, there have been two expansions in the last five years. The first of which was to Las Vegas and the second was to Seattle. Both were immensely successful, and there is no doubt that the NBA was keeping a close eye on the NHL’s success.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

According to reporter John Canzano, the NBA’s TV deal is expiring in 2024 and that is exactly when the league is looking to make a big play on expansion. Las Vegas and Seattle are two cities that the NBA has in mind, which should be great news for basketball fans. If this is true, Seattle will be overjoyed as we will see the return of the Supersonics.

Of course, a lot needs to be figured out before such a move will be rendered possible, however, this is something to keep tabs on, moving forward.

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