As fans continue to question the nature of their relationship, Nick Cannon and Jessica White are living their best lives. The internet has witnessed the pair fawn over one another in their posts, but things seemed to have come to a halt once Cannon announced that Brittany Bell was pregnant with their second child. The twins with Abby De La Rosa followed as did Cannon’s son Zen with Alyssa Scott, and now, he’s awaiting the arrival of his child with model Bre Tiesi.

White and Cannon have reportedly been on-again-off-again for many years and she even recently verbalized her support after a photo surfaced of Cannon and Alyssa together. 

This week, Cannon’s Raw N B: The Explicit Tape is set for arrival and although he teased that White landed on the album’s cover, it was confirmed by E! News. 

“One thing about music that’s different from my show or when you hear me speak about [my life]—I’m turned on in those moments, I’m up here [gestures above], I’m on the highest frequency of trying to entertain,” Cannon previously told the outlet. “But music is darkness in the studio, I’m writing, I’m reflecting, I’m crying. I’m perfecting.”

With his upcoming music, “I’m being more open and vulnerable than I’ve ever been. So I think through this, people will actually get a chance to understand me more—because I know I’m difficult to understand, I know I’m unorthodox in many manners, I know I’m not ordinary or typical by any means.”

Check out Cannon and White below.

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