His mini-rant on Twitter yesterday created a buzz among Hip Hop fans, and after rumors ran wild on social media, Noreaga has returned to set the record straight. Yesterday (May 25), N.O.R.E. delivered a few thoughts on the micro-blogging platform as he questioned why Hip Hop artists favor certain mainstream outlets over platforms designated “for the culture.” 

“I have been the best to this culture I have always put hiphop first,” the Drink Champs creator wrote. “And I see u guys go to Ellen and David letterman’s and Zane lows and treat them wit more respect then the culture but u say u want black excellence.”

Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images

“Imma be honest even going to Oprah or gal is trash at this point !!! We control our in culture why go outside of it!!!” This sparked several conversations among artists and fans alike as they weighed in about opportunities and platforms, but many people were quick to align Noreaga’s complaints to Cardi B, Jay-Z, Diddy, and others who have appeared alongside David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, or Zane Lowe.

Nore returned to Twitter with a repost of AllHipHop‘s article about his tweets. “Love it wasn’t even talking or thinking bout cardi but love the article,” he wrote. “Sh*t goes for all artist!!! Including me!! I literally was not talking bout any artist especially any female artist I was talking bout our culture period we control what’s cool not the outsiders !!!”

“I love artist but hate when artists are acting like artists and that’s such an artist of me ha ha!!!” Check it out below.